About us

Welcome to JR Cigars, based in Kent. Supplying high quality, competitively priced cigars, acessories, pipes and tobacco.

A specialist tobacconist, for the seasoned cigar enthusiast looking for an unforgettable smoke or the newcomer with a developing palate. JR Cigars is your place to find the finest cigars for the ultimate smoking experience. Our dedicated staff of cigar experts has gathered a selection of some of the finest cigars. Available from traditional Cuban cigars to the best New World cigars to suit all tastes. We also supply Cigar Accessories, Pipes and Pipe Tobacco.

We offer the most competitive prices and provide our customers a premium service with a personal touch. If there is a particular cigar you wish to try which is not listed. Simply contact us with your requirements and we will endeavour to source this for you from our global contacts.

We offer a free 3-5 working day delivery option with orders over £75.00. Our competitive flat rate next working day delivery option is also available for customers who are more eager to experience their cigar!

Join our membership programme for exclusive membership packages delivered to your door. Additional benefits include, special members only products and members only offers.

If you need to reach out to us for anything, please contact us on 01233 699970 or email us at sales@jr-cigars.co.uk.

Alternatively use the following form below to get in touch.