New World Cigars

New World Cigars, are cigars that are produced anywhere except for Cuban. While Cuban cigars are undoubtedly still some of the finest on the planet, if you pooh-pooh ‘the rest’, you’re merely proving your ignorance. Non-Cuban sounds faintly derogatory, New World Cigars is perhaps a fairer moniker. Whatever you decide to call them, these ‘other’ cigars have undergone a remarkable renaissance in the last decade, with Nicaragua now unarguably leading the way. Where once Dominican Republic was the bastion of New World smokes, it has been chased, caught and overtaken by a Nicaraguan cigar making industry. Many countries in the Caribbean and South American islands, including countries such as Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua now produce cigars of equal quality to Cuba. The majority of seed they are grown from originates from Cuba. Some brands also offer great value when comparing to a Cuban cigar and are not to be ignored.

What’s more, New World smokes have allowed new blood into the industry. Not everyone associated with cigars is Cuban, or indeed of Latin heritage. Bold new producers have stepped into the market, questioning old techniques and challenging blindly-led traditions. These new producers are making some superb small-batch, boutique cigars that are utilizing modern agronomy techniques married with the finest traditional blending and rolling skills.

If there is a particular cigar you wish to try which is not listed, simply contact us with your requirements and we will endeavour to source this for you from our global contacts.

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