Padron – The Brand
Founded in 1964, the Padrón Series were the start of the Padrón legacy. The Padron mission is to produce exceptional quality cigar products, and is never focussed on quantity produced. Padron cigars are consistently among the highest rated cigars. Their aroma, taste and consistency are guaranteed by the traditional Cuban cigar making process which Padron sets as it’s standard. The Padron formula is unique in that Orlando Padron grows his own Maduro wrapper. This allows the company to select only the best Cuban seed tobacco leaves in their own field. They are premium handmade long filler cigars which are cured, aged and blended with vintage leaves of sun-grown select tobaccos.

If there is a particular cigar you wish to try which is not listed, simply contact us with your requirements and we will endeavour to source this for you from our global contacts.

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